MANY CURRENT USES of biotechnology, including the engineering of crops, animals, trees, insects and bacteria, create unique environmental, social, and human health risks. The threats to the balance of nature and to society presented by genetic engineering are due in large part to the current technology’s reliance on faulty science, corporate control, and the economic incentives provided through the patenting of life. Therefore, the CornerStone Campaign is working to ensure:

One: that the applications of biotechnology are based on sound science;

Unsound Science

Two: that the technology does not harm the environment through large scale biological pollution;

Bio Pollution

Three: that the world’s food plants and other living forms, as well as the genes and cells of these organisms, are not subject to corporate or government ownership through patenting; and

Patenting of Life

Four: that there is a rapid reduction of corporate control over our society and its food supply.

Corporate Control

We believe that these are the “cornerstone” issues about genetic engineering which must be fully confronted before there is any further application of this technology.